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Comments on my work

My work for glasshaus (which immediately predated my going freelance) can be discussed with that publisher's former marketing manager, Bruce Lawson. And, notwithstanding my remarks about good indexes and praise, Chris McEvoy from Bristol, United Kingdom was kind enough to include the following when posting a review of glasshaus's Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself on

"The publishers have put a lot of effort into every detail of this book... If I had to pick one element that illustrates this attention to detail, it would be the index. Bill Johncocks has done an excellent job in producing an index that adds real value to the book. I wish more publishers would follow this example and employ professional indexers."

Which was very kind of him, although I now look back on that early index with some embarrassment... It's also rather ancient and I suppose this is no place for modesty so here are some more up-to-date quotes:

You did a fine job, and I am unhesitatingly recommending you for anything that crops up.
---- Publisher 1, 19/10/06

The index looks great
---- Publisher 2, 02/02/07

I have had a look through the index, and it looks excellent that coupled with your previous corrections/comments will really improve this book!
---- Publisher 3, 20/04/07

The authors were very happy with the index, and I told them you were happy with their book, so we're all happy!
Thanks, and I look forward to working with you again soon
---- Publisher 2, 26/04/07

Your indexes are superb (if youd like a testimonial, Im happy to oblige), so given the opportunity of course wed like to have you index all of our products.
---- Publisher 4, 07/05/07

Crikey that was quick!
---- Publisher 5, 28/06/07

We are very happy with the indexes and hope that you'll be able to do the remaining 6 books.
---- Publisher 5, 09/07/07