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Welcome to my website!

Looking for a science indexer?

Are you a publisher or author seeking a skilled and scientifically literate indexer to make a prestige title fully and quickly accessible to its intended readership?

Look no further

  • I offer fast, accurate indexing of technical material, especially in astronomy, organic chemistry, life sciences, general and popular science and computing, for authors and publishers worldwide.
  • I have recently worked for Cambridge University Press, Canopus Books, Cassell Illustrated, Ilex Books, John Wiley & Sons, the Open University, Penguin Books, Profile Books, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Society for Experimental Biology, SitePoint Pty Ltd., Toppan BestSet and Taylor & Francis
  • I can meet tight deadlines with paperless working by email and FTP or manage longer-term commitments like cumulative periodical indexes
  • I am a regular tutor and writer on indexing for the Society of Indexers, with special expertise on embedded indexing, using either MS Word tools or XML markup insertion
  • I believe that a good index will measurably increase sales as well as enhancing the publisher's image with authors and readers
  • My additional skills include abstracting, training and lecturing, thesaurus construction, copy editing and proofreading and documentation (but I really prefer indexing).
  • As I now live on the Isle of Skye, I am also keen to index books by local authors or about the history, culture and wildlife of the Hebrides and Western Scotland.